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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Arran publishes a handbook to “tap” the sunshine as a result of “it is getting harder and harder to make ends meet”

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“Today we tap the light, tomorrow we will expropriate the electricity,” publishes Arran, the youth group of the pro-independence left, on its Twitter account

Electricity bill.
Electricity invoice.

“Today we tap the electricity, tomorrow we will expropriate the electricity,” Arran, the independentist left-wing youth group, has printed on its Twitter account the place it supplies customers with a handbook to avoid wasting on electrical energy payments, after the brand new hourly pricing of electrical energy by the Government.

The youth organization, linked to the CUp, defends that “electricity should be a basic law guaranteed for the working class “, which” is finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet “while” the big electricity companies get rich by raising the bill. “

Arran presents the two cases with which the user can be found and gives certain instructions on what to do with the cables, fuses, terminals, etc., and avoid the rush hour of the electricity bill as well as the cheapest ones such as the trowel and the Valley.

Through his Twitter account he has appealed to young people to “do not iron at dawn” and invites you to “puncture the light”

Faced with the rise in the price of electricity, the CUP deputy Mireia Veh, has defended these days the creation of a public energy company to lower the price of electricity.

He has also criticized the vice president Carmen Calvo, for “using feminism and equality” for stating that the great thing is not what time to iron, but who to iron “

“We want to talk about the redistribution of tasks, but also of wealth and in the State,” mentioned Mireia Veh, in response to Europa Press.

The CUP deputy has not spared criticism for the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzn, for having “conspicuous by its absence” in these weeks.

“Now, when he is a minister, he does not say anything and is dedicated to talking about the labeling of energy drinks“, has snapped Veh, lamenting his” non-appearance “and that he” allows “, being accountable for Consumption, the rise in electrical energy costs.

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