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Millions mourn TikTok monkey who died after dentist go to

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Fans are in shock after a beloved monkey with practically 18 million TikTok followers died unexpectedly Monday following a routine checkup on the dentist.

The 12-year-old primate named George — who blew up the internet along with his box-opening expertise and different shockingly anthropomorphic behaviors — reportedly succumbed to problems from anesthesia.

The nameless Texas-based couple who had owned the capuchin monkey for 10 years shared the “devastating news” in a moving TikTok statement with over 16.3 million views:

“George went to the vet for a regular check up on his teeth,” they captioned the heart-rending clip. “During, there were complications with the anesthesia, starting a long fight for his life.”

The crestfallen couple continued, “Through the fight, George was sent thousands of thoughts and prayers with the hope that he would make it. On June 7th at 4pm Central, Georgie Boy passed away.”

However, they reassured followers — he additionally boasted more than half-a-million followers on Instagram — that “though the fun-loving life of George has left, his spirit of hope and love lives on. We love you, George.”

George's mad box-opening skills and other anthropomorphic traits struck a chord with his fans on TikTok.
George’s mad box-opening expertise and different anthropomorphic traits struck a chord along with his followers on TikTok.

This marks a tragic finish for the viral primate, who initially joined the household as an emotional assist animal for a member of the household who has a painful nerve dysfunction, the Mirror reported. However, George rapidly turned an web web sensation after the house owners started chronicling his human-like prowess at opening packages, which had been typically despatched by his adoring followers.

Aside from field opening, the intelligent monkey — who was identified. as “heresyourmonkeycontent” on-line — has been filmed enjoying in a ball pit, grinning whereas consuming popcorn in mattress and determining methods to plug in a light-up pole gifted to him by a TikTok follower.

In one unbelievable clip with 5.6 million views, the curious Capuchin will be seen understanding the place to place the keys in a miniature automotive he obtained from his proprietor.

George boasted over 17 million TikTok followers at the time of his death.
George boasted over 17 million TikTok followers on the time of his dying.

Needless to say, George’s legions of supporters had been devastated by his loss.

“I’m not doing okay,” wrote one inconsolable commenter on the video saying his passing.

Another wrote, “Wait wait wait!!!! Noooooo! My daughter and I watched George all the time!! I am soooo sorry!! Omg….this is so sad.”

“This is heartbreaking,” seconded a devastated fan of George on Instagram. “George was among the brightest lights on this platform. He’ll be missed dearly.”

Fans were crestfallen over George's passing.
Fans had been crestfallen over George’s passing.

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